Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Ancient Aliens" to cover Civil War

When History's Ancient Aliens returns on April 10, the new season will premiere with "Aliens and the Civil War."  According the official episode description on History.com: "The Civil War nearly destroyed the great experiment known as the United States of America, but it is possible that the preservation of the republic was influenced by extraterrestrial beings?  Abraham Lincoln described strange visions and premonitions that occur before pivotal moments in his presidency.  Union officer Ambrose Bierce wrote about mysterious disappearances and inter-dimensional travel.  And a ghostly image of George Washington was witnessed by hundreds of soldiers at Gettysburg--prompting an official investigation.  Is it possible that extraterrestrials were present during the Civil War?  If so, were they simply passive observers waiting to see if our fragile democracy could survive this test?  Or did they take an active roll in order to preserve the Union?"

     (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

I am looking forward to watching the episode when it airs, as the show has been one of my favorite guilty pleasures since the first special aired in 2009.  I am especially curious how the show deals with the numerous visions President Abraham Lincoln had, a topic I discuss in depth in my book "I Would Still Be Drowned in Tears": Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln's White House.  

I will be following this episode closely and will share my thoughts here after the show airs on April 10, 2015.

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