Saturday, April 5, 2014

Book Review: Southern Cross: Annuit Coeptis

Received an ARC through Goodreads Firstreads.

July 2, 1863. General Longstreet convinces General Lee to flank the Union Army, preventing the disastrous Pickett's charge and changing the outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg. With the Confederate victory, the North is thrown in chaos and congress hands power over to General McClellan and President Lincoln is banished to Chicago, IL. In the West, General Grant continues the fight against the South, despite McClellan's peace agreement with the Confederacy. Back in Gettysburg a group of UCCT soldiers are being held as POWs and are facing the frightening possibility of being returned to slavery. The realization that Northern blacks captured by the Confederacy are being sent into slavery makes a Southern captain question his commitment to the cause At the same time a French born Union lieutenant is battling the Confederates in the Pennsylvania countryside. In New York City a fiery Republican senator and his daughter rally the faithful against the South and McClellan. 

This is the premise of Dorvall's alternative history graphic novel Southern Cross: Annuit Coeptis part one of the seven volume CSA Confederate State of America series. Dorvall skillfully employs a cast of real and fictional characters in this very dark version of the Civil War. Renne's illustrations are stark and at times graphic, which perfectly matches Dorvall's dialogue. This is a chilling portrait of a country on the precipice of destruction. Highly recommended for fans of alternation/speculative fiction, I am eagerly awaiting for the next installment.

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