Monday, December 8, 2014

Gettysburg Remembrance Day 2014 Part 1

In November I went to Gettysburg, PA for my first Remembrance Day.  It was an incredible experience, and incredibly cold!  But I managed to keep warm, participated in two book signings and had the opportunity to meet renowned historian Harold Holzer.

 Upon arriving in Gettysburg on Friday, I got dressed as quickly as possible in my 1860s clothing.  Fortunately I was warm in my winter dress, the wool cloak, leather gloves, rabbit fur muff, and long johns kept me warm.
Posing with the statue of Jennie Wade.
That afternoon, I had an appointment to get my likeness taken by the renowned photographer Rob Gibson, whose work has appeared in the movie Gods and Generals.
 Rob Gibson is preparing the plate for the image.
Getting settled in for the photograph, the plate takes a few minutes to get prepared which allows for a little chit chat before having to sit still for the photograph.
Trying out a pose.
Getting my hoop to cooperate.
Rob making sure everything is in its right place and since I am an author I was given a book to hold as a prop.
While the image was being made I had to remain perfectly still for 30 seconds.  The image taken is stunning, I got a copy as a wet plate and four CDVs which I will scan and post here soon!
After lunch I visited the grave of Jennie Wade in Evergreen Cemetery and left a wreath.
While passing by the Hall of Presidents I found a familiar face.
This sycamore tree is called the Abraham Lincoln Witness Tree and is one of two on Baltimore Avenue.  Witness trees are trees that where there during the battle and are still alive.  This witness tree not only say the battle, but witnessed the parade of dignitaries, including President Lincoln, heading to the National Cemetery for Dedication Day on November 19, 1863.  The things that this tree has witnessed!
My first book signing was at Battlefields and Beyond, here I am chatting with fellow authors.  I enjoyed talking to the group about everything from Civil War history to the TV show Hogan's Heroes.

No visit to Battlefields and Beyond is complete without meeting Melville.
At first Melville was not interested in book.
He finally decided that he would take a peek after all.  Before the evening was over, Melville decided that he would hang out under my hoop and preceded to wrap himself around my feet.
Civil War Santa Claus made an appearance.
Finishing the day at the Lincoln Diner.
 The merging of time period's at dinner as I wrap up a very fun and busy day.

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