Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Barnes & Noble Civil War Day

Last Saturday my local Barnes & Noble (Central Park, Fredericksburg, VA) held a Civil War Living History Event.  I love Barnes & Noble on a regular day, but to add a Civil War event into the mix I was over the moon and blocked Saturday off on my calendar.  The event lived up to my anticipation.

At the door shoppers where greeted by a Confederate soldier from the 8th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  This set the tone for the event as shoppers knew that they were in for something special.

A solider from the 8th VA standing guard, a subtle way to deter shoplifters.

Since the event was held at a bookstore, Barnes & Noble had local Civil War authors on hand for a book signing.  Historian Chris Mackowski signed copies of his latest releases in the Emerging Civil War series from Savas Beatie, LLC (publisher of the ebook edition of "I Would Still Be Drowned in Tears": Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln's White House).  I was thrilled to pick up an autographed copy of "Fight Like the Devil": The First Day at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.

Also on hand signing books was Eileen Kern Goodman author of the novel Storm Over Fauqier: The Foreboding Tempest: 1860-1861.  I am looking forward to reading this novel which is based on real people and events.

Authors Chris Mackowski and Eileen Kern Goodman at Barnes & Noble Central Park.

The event was more than just a book signing though, as Civil War living historians demonstrated period toys and parlor games, music, and dance (performed by the Civil War Dance Ensemble of Spotsylvania .  Members of the 8th VA Ladies' Aid Society where also on hand to show shoppers how Southern women carried for their loved ones in the army.

A member of the 8th VA receiving assistance from the Ladies' Aid Society, or inquiring on the price of the Nook.

For those curious about all those layers a Civil War lady wore, Miss Frances Allshouse presented "The Layered Lady" clothing demonstration.

Miss Allshouse showing visitors her chemise, corset, and corset cover...how shocking!  Where are my smelling salts?

Propriety has been restored as Miss Allshouse is now properly dressed.

I enjoyed the event and thought that there was a lot to keep shoppers engaged.  This was a well planned event and I hope Barnes & Noble Central Park does another Civil War Day.

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  1. Thank you Michelle for the fine compliment you paid the 8th Virginia Infantry and other participants at this event. It was certainly our pleasure to be there to support our friend and former member Eileen. The 8th Virginia is in its 46th season of reenacting and both co-founders were present.
    Your servant,
    Dave Purschwitz co-founder 8th Va Vol Inf